Shire honey

Shire honey is a small family business that produce bees honey and bee products.


We supply direct to the public and also to retail outlets.

Farmers markets
                           Stokesley     1st Saturday of the month
                           Skipton        1st Sunday of the month
                           York            Last Friday of the month

Retail outlets
                         Northern dales farmers markets

                         Muir Lea Store Robinhoods bay

                         Townend farm shop Airton

                          Sun inn Colton
                          Fancarl House  Appletreewick
Honeys for sale 
Soft set
            This is a honey which harvested at the begin of June, which contains nectar from oilseed rape, and many plants which flower from the spring of the year and as such is one the best honeys to help against hay fever as it will contain many types of pollen. The honey is a medium flavor with a crystaly texture.

         This honey from field beans which is harvested in July, the honey is very mild and very sweet which is ideal to be used as a sweetner.

            This is taken from the river balsam flower which is growing on many river banks. It produces a medium flavour clear honey which is good for cereals, yogurts,drinks or just on itís own.

              This honey is from the north york moors which is a strong flavor and is good for most uses.


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